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CNC Turning

We are a custom CNC turning manufacturer. With our professional knowledge, the CNC turning service we provide can ensure product quality and high precision.

OEM Metal Parts Processing - ISO 9001:2015 International Quality Certification Factory

Processing Material Shape: round bar, hexagon bar, seamless hollow rod, square bars
Or other shaped timber is depending on the product requirements.

Maximum Machining Diameter: 
Round bars: Ø2.0mm ~ Ø42.0mm
Hexagon bars: Hex 2.0mm ~ Hex 32.0mm

Processing Length: Maximum 600mm
If the diameter of which exceeds Ø13.0mm, then the processing length up to 100mm or depending on the product.

Machining Accuracy:
Swiss Type CNC Lathe 0.01 mm
Automatic Lathes 0.05 mm