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Plastic Injection Molding

We are custom plastic injection molding manufacturer, providing complex parts with high precision and standard size. Responsible for the entire process from design, mold manufacturing to final product production to ensure that each plastic injection molding parts meets customer specifications and quality standards.

We have advanced equipment and technology, capable of handling a variety of complex design and production needs. Customization is a common service because each customer's needs may be different, and manufacturers need to be able to respond flexibly, which includes not only mold design and manufacturing, but also material selection and production process optimization.

Clamping force Max injection weight(g)   Clamping force Max injection weight(g)
800 TON 2975 g   250 TON SM 590 g
600 TON 2140 g   210 TON 405 g
500 TON 1223 g   200 TON TS 240 g
400 TON 1240 g   190 TON 445 g
350 TON 1045 g   150 TON 326 g
350 TON SM 843 g   90   TON 89 g
      50   TON 58 g